Why Bidet's Are Better Than Toilet Paper

Why Bidet's Are Better Than Toilet Paper

 Imagine for one second you were to get shit on your hand. What would be your next move? 

a. Take some paper towel, wipe it off, and go about your day.

b. Run to the nearest bathroom, wash your hands and most likely do a second round for good measure. 

Pretty sure 100% of you would go with option B (well, hopefully, 100%). Yet, after pooping, most North Americans choose option A. They drop a massive deuce, wipe with some dry paper, and go about their day as if nothing ever happened. 

The truth is merely wiping your butt leaves you stewing in your mess. That skidmark you're sitting on cause you didn't use a Bidet doesn't only pose a threat to your underwear but also your health. 

The Bidet changes all that. It works by shooting a targeted stream of freshwater at your bum. Leaving your bum so clean, you could eat off it. 

But it doesn't stop there... read on to learn about the six reasons bidets are better than toilet paper. 

Water Beats Paper

Think about it. After working up a monster sweat at the gym or the driving range, is your first instinct is to grab a towel, wipe yourself down, and move on with the day? No, instead, you take a shower. 

Water makes us feel clean and rejuvenated. The same goes for using a Brodet, which sprays a spa-like water stream at your bum, leaving you clean and feeling fresh. 

There's a reason tons of people love the old' sh*t-shower-shave combo. It gives you a feeling of clean wiping simply cannot. 

A Man's Best Friend

Let be honest if you're a man; it's more likely your cornhole looks more like a grassy meadow than a smooth crater. Wiping your butt is like cleaning peanut butter out of a shaggy carpet. Leaving your field full of dingleberries and your favorite pair of nooks underwear looking like a scene out of fast and furious. 

The Bidet gives you a pure wash, washing away all the fecal remnants and leaving your bum clean as a whistle. 

Great For Women

Not only do Bidet keep your bum clean, but it's also great for cleaning your cooch. Studies have shown Bidets to be extremely effective in reducing your chances of UTI's and other vaginal infections. 

The Brodet even offers a front wash specifically for the ladies!


Toilet paper takes 1.5 pounds of wood & 37 gallons of water to produce; while that may not seem like a lot when you consider that the average American uses 141 rolls per year, it starts to add up!

On the flip side, Bidets use 1/8th of a gallon of water per use and can reduce your toilet paper use by up to 90%. All while still leaving you with a superior clean. 

It Pays For Itself

Using a bidet can save you around $92 per year based on the average annual toilet paper expenditure. Meaning Brodet pays for itself in as little as eight months. While $92 is nothing crazy, it's just one of the amazing side benefits of using a bidet. 

No More Clogged Toilets

We've all had them, the never-ending wiping sessions. Once we've finally cleaned up, we flush only to realize it ain't gonna go down. Now we're left with two options, unclog it ourselves or call a plumber. This can be expensive or straight up gross. 

All could've been avoided with the Bidet. After a quick wash, your bum left clean, and your toilet left with a natural flush.

Flushing It Down

When it comes down to the benefits of Bidet's over toilet paper, we can go on and on. They do a better job of cleaning, are better on your wallet, and are more eco-friendly.  

The last question is... why don't you own one?  

Don't we've got you covered! The Brodet bidet attachment is an affordable, easy to install Bidet that clips right to your toilet. 



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