Why Brodet?

After going number two, most people tend to wipe non-stop until they're fully clean or until they're as clean as they think they'll get (no judgement here). Repetitive and harsh wiping practices can lead to skin irritation and even bleeding. Not to mention the fact that residue (have you heard of dingleberries?) is often left behind. Using a Brodet eliminates all these issues, and leaves your behind as clean as a whistle!

Nope! That would be disgusting. The Brodet uses clean tap water. In fact, if you can drink water from your tap then you could drink straight out of your Brodet. We don't really recommend turning your Brodet into a water fountain, but hey, the point still stands.

You've got a couple options here:

1. You could just air dry. This may take some time, but you do you!

2. The most practical option would be to take a little bit of toilet paper and simply pat or wipe dry. 

3. Buy some small towels (Brodet towels coming soon!) and hang them up beside your toilet. Simply use these towels to pat dry and throw them into the laundry when you're done. Less practical than toilet paper, but you'll be saving the world one resusable towel at a time! 

The water temperature will simply match the water in your pipes. Check back soon for our newest temperature controlled model! For now, you can expect a gentle, cool stream. At Brodet, we find it very refreshing! 

Absolutely! Consider the Brodet a helpful bro in the bathroom. The dual nozzle can be adjusted, and works perfectly to clean your back and front. Simply twist the knob to face the front and pat dry when you're done. 

Installing the Brodet

The Brodet comes equipped with everything you need to install it and get straight to washing! However, some toilets are different, so if you're having difficulties installing your Brodet please contact us at: info@brodet.co 

Yup, we even have a detailed video on how to install your Brodet that you can watch over and over again! 

Nope, it uses water pressure from your pipes to shoot that spa-like stream at your behind. Best part is, you don't need to be a plumber to install it!

Shipping & Tracking

All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Moreno Valley, California. It typically takes between 1-2 business days to ship out your order. Depending on which state you live in, shipping may take from 2-5 days!

Once we ship out your unit, you will receive an email with your tracking code and the courier. Go to the courier tracking site and use the tracking code you received to track your order!

We currently only ship to the USA and Canada! Please contact us for international shipping options.

Got a Question For Us?

Reach out and submit any of your questions here or reach out to us at info@brodet.co