Sustainability in everything we do

We want to build the most sustainable apparel company, period. Here's how we approach our design, manufacturing and packaging.
naturally sourced
Better materials straight from nature

Our underwear is made with a high quality, botanic fiber created from beechwood trees. With fibers that are three times softer than cotton, our textile is breathable, temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking and tough. All while being eco-friendly.

so soft
How are they so comfy?

Although sustainable materials sometimes get a bad rap for being uncomfortable, in this case going back to Mother Nature was the right choice. Micromodal fibres are ultrafine and woven in a way that encourages "low fiber rigidity" - a fancy way of saying that the weave of the fabric prevents stiffness when worn. That leads to buttery soft underwear that fits your form and avoids any pressure points.

Closed loop manufacturing

95% Efficient 

95% of production materials are recovered in the manufacturing process, meaning less waste


The finished product (aside from being awesome) is completely biodegradable and eco-friendly


Micromodal is manufactured from beechwood trees and is carbon neutral

Better materials.
Better design.
Doesn't that sound great?